As the semester draws to a close, we are pleased to announce the launch of the Minetta Review’s Spring 2016 issue. This has been an exciting few months for the magazine, and we are excited to share a remarkable variety of art and writing, with contributors of many backgrounds – as close as NYU and as far away as France.

As usual, we would like to thank our wonderful editors David Sobalvarro (prose), Ahmed Sherif (poetry) and Felix Chan (art), as well as the rest of our indefatigable staff. This semester, we took a conceptually different route than we did with our previous issues, heralded by the stunning abstract cover art created specifically for us by NYU artist William John Belknap, Jr. The back cover follows our namesake’s underground path through the Village, celebrating our long history in a clean, modern aesthetic.

We have also accepted a greater range of artists, featuring works of various style and technique. Curating Minetta was no easy task, and we are pleased to say that Minetta received a record-breaking number of submissions this semester. We would like to thank everyone who submitted (or pestered their friends into submitting), and are absolutely bowled over by the amount of attention Minetta has received.

Aside from the issue, it’s been a glamorous and exciting few months for Minetta, with many events around NYU and the Village. The highlight of our semester was our first public reading: Under the Meadow: A Celebration of the Minetta Review, part of the Above and Below: Jefferson Market Reading Series. We are pleased to have hosted writers Kari Sonde, Alana Saab, Crystal Valentine, and Christopher Soto (aka Loma), as well as Minetta contributors Kevin Beerman and Sebastian Lopez Calvo. Our goal for the night was to give young poets the chance to promote their work alongside professional artists active in the Village poetry scene. We have many people to thank, but none more than Scott Hightower, who guided us through the event from conceptualization to execution. In addition, we’d like to thank Sarah Colvin (communications coordinator) for her remarkable poster design and coordination of communications, Christine Wang (events coordinator) for providing cookies and enthusiastic advertisement, and to everyone who came to support our local poets.

These last few months have been a whirlwind of literature. We are a forty-one-year-old Village magazine that, through the years, has been equal parts sexy, nostalgic, punk, sweet, funny, and downright radical. Here’s to hoping the wind never dies down.


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