Fall 1999

Click the cover art pictures and take a good look: the Fall 1999 issue was a particularly revolutionary one. As the editor Karla Starr noted:

Those of you with any sense of reverence for history and tradition are probably looking with horror on this most recent issue of the Minetta Review. Well, no, let’s be honest; even those of you with a highly developed sense of reverence for history and tradition probably don’t have enough invested in our little literary magazine to be truly “horrified,” but you probably have at least noticed that this issue doesn’t quite line up on the shelf next to your extensive collection of back issues. This is not a printer error or the result of some bizarre paper shortages in reverse: after 20+ years of 8’1/2″ x 5’1/4″, we’re finally letting our hair down. The pages are a bit bigger, the layouts a tad funkier; art and text have been allowed to mingle a smidge more to create what we hope is a more cohesive whole.

Only one subsequent issue in our closet seems to have taken up the reformat, so this issue a rarity! This semester’s staff, moreover, was the first to begin acknowledging the artists who were gently poking the outer edge of the university’s hipster bubble:

As part of Minetta’s ongoing evolution, we will now be accepting submission from the artistic community at large, regardless of affiliation … We’ve opened submissions up to non-NYU students; we will now accept any and all kinds of writing and artwork from all over everywhere.

This is something that definitely continued. This move made the edition a particularly thick one: 92 pages! Good job, Fall 1999:

Editor-in-Chief: Karla Starr
Managing Editor: Eric Skillman
Executive Assistant: Mike Mills
Operations Manager: Melissa Ahart

Publication Staff: Aziza Ali, Sarah Bailey, Jennifer Batisi, Alex Berger, Erin Clements, Christina Cobeo, Dave Easton, Mary Fratini, Andrea Halverson, Amy Hunt, Denise Koleda, Hannah Kaufman, Gabe Lewis, Ruchi Mital, Kaisha Moore, Amira Piece, Julia Perratore, Michael Rosch, Rich Russell, Shiwani Srivastava, David Small, Sasha Stumacher, Colleen Sullivan, Simon Tertychniy

Advisor: Bob Butler
Printer: Flair Printing

And here are the creations featured in this edition:

Writing Selections
“Howard Street” Alyson Filippone
“Paddington Station at 11 pm”  Elizabeth Davis
“I Smoke Virginia Slims Ultra-Lights” Mike Mills
“Rebel, Rebel” Colleen Sullivan
“Rivers” Amira Pierce
“Brevity, the Sister” Simon Tertychniy
“Goalie for the Caps” Casey McCulloch
“Not Crickets” Elizabeth Davis
“Shucking Corn” Adam Kaplan
“On the Greatest Generation” Adam Moore
“Ode to my Father” Andrea Halverson
“For My Friend Mary Rita Foster” Rich Russell
“The Time I Got Into a Duel” Tristan Schwartzman
“Pieces” Amira Pierce
“My Fire” Elizabeth Davis
untitled, Colleen Henshaw
“Ambulance!” Adam Van Loon
“To the Moon” Pam Grossman
“Blank Sheet” Colleen Sullivan
untitled, David Mark Small
“Next Week’s Diary Entries of the Luckiest Girl in the World” Karla Star
“To Christina Rossetti as Mary in her Brother’s Annunciation” Elizabeth Davis
“Purgatory” Colleen Henshaw
“Green-Eyed Lady” Ken Franco
“Cage in Love” Kate Garrick
untitled, Andrea Halverson
“Looking Up at the Mountain” Dave Easton
“Gore 2000” Rich Russell
“immolate” Denise Koleda
“Painting my Mother’s House” Elizabeth Davis
untitled, Candice Peggs
“Reprise” Pam Grossman
“You, Me, She” Amira Pierce
“Bodies” Jonas Feit
untitled, Susan Holland
“Past Here in LA” Michael Mraz
“Snow White” Rich Russell
“Black Lies” Adam Kaplan
“Sudden Line” Michael Mraz
“Night-Prayer, for Brooklyn” Melissa Ahart
untitled, Joey Fernandez

Artwork Selections
“Unlikely Escape” Kelley Miller
untitled, Hope Stevenson
“Old Guy #2” Eric Skillman
“Docking for Gelato” Kelley Miller
“Old Guy #1” Eric Sillman
“You Are Here” Kelley Miller
untitled, Sean Tarjoto
untitled, Kristen Eaay
untitled, Hope DeVento
“Tree #57” Eric Skillman
untitled, Alex Berger
“Old Guy #1.6” Eric Skillman
untitled, Lauren Gohara
“Too Close For Comfort” Kelley Miller
untitled, Darby Corna
untitled, Lauren Gohara
“Swingers” Kelley Miller
untitled, Vic Cuttuchi
untitled, John Ferdico
“Row House in Dupont” Mike Mills
untitled, John Ferdico
“Just Another Perfect Day” Kelley Miller
untitled, John Ferdico
“Teetering” Kelley Miller


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