Fall 2002

The Fall 2002 cover

Editor’s Note

One of my first tasks as editor of Minetta was to archive a stack of our previous editions on the tenth floor of Bobst. It seems to be an extensive archive department, and they were more than happy to take our student publication under their wing. At the time I couldn’t help but wonder if, and by whom, a request to view an old Minetta issue would be made. It was a rather dismal event on the whole, submitting the issues to the presumable dusty shelves guarded from view. The concept of an archive seems unfortunately similar to that of a catacomb or cemetery. Where good literature whose time has passed is laid to rest. But it cannot be true. An archive functions only to catalogue these collections of words so that they are not lost. Because words do not live or die and good literature is never passed by time. If there is a race, then certaintly literature is represented by an enduring and bespectacled tortoise.

I inquisitively perused the bygone issues before handing themover, impressed at how far our publication has come. Today it is much bigger in content, and certainly sleeker in design. But the high quality of writing has remained consistent throughout. The themes engaged were familiar as well, of course. To those of us in the artistic pursuits, it is no surprise that everything has been done before. But the way in which we tell it must change or there would only be a single issue of the Minetta sitting lonely on the archive shelf. Thankfully there is an entire troupe wiling away the days together, if only because we believe that the way in which we experience anything is unique.

So we write. We write to capture a thought, an idea, a feeling, an opinion, or a moment. But this is a lie. We write to do mch more than simply communicate these experiences. We write them down because we believe that they trump time. We write to record, remember, and encode our thoughts as much as communicate them. So that they are shared not just with our friends or peer, but with people far from here and now, and I wonder about more than just the issues in the archive but also about the issue that you are holding in your hands now. Because writing requires a faith in the unknown audience and it requires a faith in the fallacy of time. No matter how fleet of foot, we believe the steady word to prevail and inspire.

— Leona Palmer, Editor-in-Chief

Featured Writing
“Long Walks Versus Moving On” Maureen Andary
“billy and frank and transformer man” Steven Dube
“His Nomadic Blues…” Emily Price
“Letter to My Neuroses” Raphaela Weissman

“First Porn”
Ryan Dodge

Katherine Harrison

“At the Dildo Factory”
“The Search for You”
“The Unreliable Narrator…”
Arianna Giorgi

“Year of the Cicada”
“On Terror”
“The Snake”
“The Bear”
“The Fire”
“Tired Love”
Aubrie Marrin

“Austin, Texas”
“An Evening Apart”
“A Portrait of Our House”
Kyle Wilson

Photographs (9) by Daniella Geman


The Fall 2002 Editorial Board
Editor-in-Chief: Leona Palmer
Copy Editor: Seth Perlow
Managing Editor: Arianna Georgi
Assistant Editor: Katy Ball
Operations Manager: Maureen Andary
Magazine Design: Seth Perlow

Publication Staff: Rachel Basse, Alissa Dias, Ryan Dodge, Katie Domaingue, Steve Dube, Stevie Kohler, Jesse Meyerson, Katie Nolan, Emily Price, Jill Richards, Michael Rosch, Kristin Skrabut, Adam Thomas, Liz Turner, Raphaela Weissman, Sally Whiting


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