Fall 2007

the Fall 2007 cover

Writing Selections
“The Warm Up Act” Daniel Donnelly
“Dignity” Lucy Nepstad
“The Days/The Nights” Sida Li
“In which I plea for the predisposed” Taylor Anne Lane
“Feel was weeks” Diana Hamilton
“Charity” Alice McGrath
“The Eggs” Lucy Nepstad
“Visions of Skeeter Boxberger” Megan Moore
“An Irish Bull” Nahmoo Park
“Alani At Squash” Ian Grody
“IT’S HARD TO BE A GIRL” Nicole Wallace
“life’s display” Olivia Maeve Smith
“Elevated” Rachel Broderick
“Affair” Nathalie Kohen
“The Wide Cast” Eddie Hopely
“Centennial Speech” Kareem Estefan
“Rattlesnakes” Diana Hamilton
“Birthday Devil” Sida Li

Artwork Selections
Nathan Danilczuk (5)
Kareem Estefan (3)
Eddie Hopely (1)
Annie Sollinger (3)

The Fall 2007 Editorial Board
Editor-in-Chief: Diana Hamilton
Copy Editor: Alice McGrath and Kareem Estefan
Submissions Editor: Alice McGrath
Operations: Hillary Juster
Treasurer: Maggie Epps
Webmaster: Kareem Estefan
Publication Staff: William Akers, Lisa Allen, Damon Beres, Daniel Burgess, Katherine Clark, Elana Cohen, Nicole Gounalis, Eddie Hopely, Carol Kuruvilla, Taylor Lane, Daniil Leiderman, Adam Leposa, Sida Li, Alice Liu, Tara Mahadevan, Erin Mahon, Lisa Miller, Lucy Nepstad, M. Rebekah Otto


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