Spring 2006

The Fragmentation Issue

According to the Editor’s Note:

Our task was not to work with what we had but to use what we had in order to work on something else, namely, a theoretical edifice termed “Fragmentation Studies,” or, better yet, “The Cultural Logic of Lately Unknown Fragments,” or, more conservatively, “An Archaeology of Fragmentary Form At NYU In the New Century.” Apparently this something else represented what Minetta had been aiming at all along. We found ourselves reminded of ourselves, richer by a telos.

Correspondence –Mimi Wong
On Energy –Jesse Rafe Meyerson
Harvest Moon –Sally Whiting
happy earth day, Mr. President –Jonathan Fedors
A Hollow Mom –Anna Katterjohn
Notes on a Deteriorating City –Meghan Redding
Friday Night –Jen Cochran

“there will soon be casinos in Bethlehem, PA” –Gordon Faylor

Moonlight on Water is More Real Than the Moon Itself –Jonathan Fedors

Taxonomy, or the Tender Science –Kareem Estefan
My Wisdom Teeth –Denise Scarfi
The Cold Accords Us Nothing But Couples –Jonathan Fedors
The Riddle Asphyxiates –Diana Hamilton
Wednesday, 1AM –Meghan Redding
Integer –M. Rebekah Otto

Monopoly –Natalie Adler
Death and Aesthetics –Kareem Estefan

Cover art and eight photographs by Sally Whiting
In; Moment of Time –Nicholas Cope

The Spring 2006 Editorial Board

Editor-in-Chief: Jonathan Fedors
Copy Editor: Sally Whiting
Treasurer: Anna Katterjohn
Events/Publicity: Sharon Bruce

Publication Staff: Natalie Adler, Matt Berkman, Sarah Bridgins, Lisa Allen, Kareem Estefan, Gordon Faylor, Hope Friedland, Rebecca Goldings, Diana Hamilton, Meaghan LaSala, Frederick M. Limson, Alice McGrath, Kaitlin Mignella, M. Rebekah Otto, Meghan Redding, Yeison Rodriguez, Aaron Samsel, Sarah Stetson, Shayne Terry, Katie White


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