Spring 2007

The Summer 2007 cover

The Summer 2007 issue takes the Internet as its inspiration. Here’s what Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Fedors has to say about it:

An increasingly indispensable weave in the fabric of social life, the Internet is often portrayed as the harbinger of opposite extremes – on one hand, a renewal of participatory democracy; on the other, solicitation and manipulation on a scale unprecedented in earlier forms of mass media. I tend to think the two can co-exist, and, beyond grand diagnoses, that certain practical effects, like our investment in the Internet, are not in question and interesting in themselves.

Art can force us to rethink the quality of this investment, by singling out for attention content we otherwise would experience as integrated and streaming, or just by using diverse or estranging voices as a funnel for our own. I spent the better part of last semester writing an honors thesis on Flarf, a twenty-first century movement in poetry whose stylistic signature is to appropriate the language of search engine results and combine the fragments in funny and inappropriate ways. I am happy to see that the growing field of Internet poets now includes many NYU students published here.


Writing Selection

“Manifesto” Kareem Estefan
“The Root Vegetable” Edward Hopely

“Formal Proof that You are At this Moment Standing in a Puddle and Thinking About Me” Danielle Goldstein

“Donkey Poem” Bumhe Han
“Velociraptor Diner” Jonathan Fedors
“Cat Among the Flowers” William J. Bly
“Lambs” Diana Hamilton
“Neck Portions” Gordon Faylor
“West Virginia” Devon Bixler
“Distortions” Kareem Estefan
“ing is ed so gin is dead” Diana Hamilton
“Mortality” Jonathan Fedors
“Mirage” Alexandra Carr
“you probably think youre somebody special” Hillary Juster
“Idyll” Danielle Goldstein
“Shoepainting” Jonathan Fedors
“Hello Stranger” Dylan Tuccillo

The Spring 2007 Editorial Board
Editor-in-Chief: Jonathan Fedors
Copy Editors: Kareem Estefan, Diana Hamilton, Hillary Juster
Treasurer: Maggie Epps
Publication Staff: Lisa Allen, Matthew Berkman, Bumhe Han, Katherine Harrison, Alice McGrath, Esther Mittelman, Megan Moore, M. Rebekah Otto, Robyn Clair Savitzky


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