Summer 2008

This edition is dedicated to “The Late Museum Mike: For cod he had no use.”

Writing and Artwork Selection
“The Class of Particles” William Akers
“Consistency” Taylor Lane
“whop nirvana edgar” Alice McGrath & Marquita Zapata
“Bayard Impala XIV” Gordon Faylor
“critical analyses” Christopher Mulrooney
“Cancan” Megan Moore
“Gloria Abdul Jafar” Kareem Estefan
“Connecticut” Elizabeth Baldwin
“QUESTIONSMARK” Hillary Juster
“Shakespeare in Tallahassee” Sida Li
“On A Morning Like This” Christopher Barnes”
“Bayard XII” Gordon Faylor
“Powers of Removal” Diana Sue Hamilton
“Asymptote” Taylor Lane
“Burial” Catherine Lucchesi
“Paris” Daniel P. Donnelly
“the Prague Seminar” Christopher Mulrooney
“Black Box Theater” Erin Mahon
from “Sleep Fever” Edward Hopely
“Implications” Sida Li
“Funny Ha Ha” Kareem Estefan
“Log” Hillary Juster

And uncaptioned images by Emily Arnold (2), Nathan Danilczuk (1), and Michael George (2).

The Spring 2008 Editorial Board: Summer 2008 edition
Editor-in-Chief: Diana Hamilton
Copy Editor: Alice McGrath and Kareem Estefan
Submissions Editor: Alice McGrath
Operations: Hillary Juster
Treasurer: Maggie Epps
Webmaster: Kareem Estefan
Publication Staff: William Akers, Erin Brady, Elana Cohen, Eddie Hopely, Taylor Lane, Daniil Leiderman, Sida Li, Erin Mahon, Megan Moore, Katie Stallsmith, Katie Vokes


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