Winter 2007

The Winter 2007 cover

Jonathan Fedors describes the Minetta Review’s Fall 2006 publication staff and the construction of the Winter 2007 issue.

To discuss craft with these smart and opinionated individuals, to see experimentation and growth play out in their writing over time – these have made the month-to-month activities of the review a sincere joy. When it comes time to construct the issue, these experiential bearings are not secondary. What I have tried to do is create conversation between poems, whether you construe them as serial or in opposition. Conversation is a property of artworks – what academics refer to as intertextuality – is a window onto the flexibility of language that poetry activates in syntax, sound, and subjects. Political poems, poems of place, and poems on poetry – in what follows, you’ll see each, in multiple guises with multiple strength.

Writing Selection
“During Gennery and Poison Gas” Christopher Barnes
“Magical Moments, Tantrums or a $250 Lullaby” Matthew Berkman
“The Breadline” Jonathan Fedors
“the diana hilton” Axel Wilhite
“Milkweeds” Diana Hamilton
“dear phin” Jillian Schiavi
“Fields” Gordon Faylor
“Along the River” Meghan Redding
“With Regards to the Suburbs” Sarah Stetson
“BAD SOUP RECIPE” Diana Hamilton
“Freedom Demolition” Kat Katsanis
“A History of Lyric Violence” Jonathan Fedors
“successfully, we learn, in 1938” Esther Mittelman
“One Man, One Dream” Rebecca Hirsch
“a riddle in 94 pounds” Esther Mittelman
“You Will Not Grow From Boy to Man” Natalie Adler
“Prof P. On His Wife” Kareem Estefan
“Son, Sleepless” Axel Wilhite
“Room With Red Ninja” Axel Wilhite
“Fate!” Natalie Adler
“Twenty Minutes in July” Esther Mittelman
“Severed Limbs” Diana Hamilton

Artwork Selection
Photographs by Rebecca Goldings and Helena Zhang

The Fall 2006 Editorial Board: Winter 2007 edition
Editor-in-Chief: Jonathan Fedors
Submissions Editor: Natalie Adler
Treasurer: Maggie Epps
Events/Publicity: Kareem Estefan
Publication Staff: William Akers, Walter Ancarrow, Matthew Berkman, Sharon Bruce, Diana Hamilton, Bumhe Han, Hillary Juster, Dana Laventure, Daniil Leiderman, Esther Mittelman, Alice McGrath, Samantha Neugebauer, Connor Osetek, M. Rebekah Otto, Sarah Stetson

Mr. Fedors would also like to say:

Many of the poets whose work you have the privilege of encountering in this review (I impartially exclude myself) happen to be devoted staff members. Anyone who sits in on our meetings would conclude in short that charges of bias have little merit. That the same names appear from issue to issue speaks to several possibilities, and to two of particular interest. Perhaps the word simply fails to spread, in which case the review as an institutional advocate of the literary arts fails, and you are hereby charged to proselytize the elusive masses. Or perhaps the writers who believe that we are an organ worthy of their regular input also produce the best work we see.

Any staff members who were ever published in the Review, I’m sure, fear that affiliation delegitimizes their creations in the eyes of the reader. But simply put, this issue was lucky enough to have as part of its editorial staff several artists whose submissions roused enough interest so as to earn a place in the publication. And this goes for many of our other issues. We hope you think no less of them, as our ambition is always to share the most uniquely voiced and skillful pieces that we happen upon, in the hope that they leave an imprint for the better upon whoever happens upon a copy.


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