Minetta 1974

The First Issue:

Washington Square and University College of Arts and Science was formed on September 1, 1973, by the unification of University College of Arts and Science and Washington Square College of Arts and Science, the two undergraduate liberal arts colleges of the university. At the time, the fate of both Perstare and the Washington Square Review, literary magazines of the respective colleges, was, at best, uncertain.

With the assistance of Dean Mayerson and his staff, the editors of Perstare and the Washington Square Review conducted a merger of the two magazines. The result of the merger is MINETTA REVIEW.

Our title is derived from Minetta Stream, a subterranean waterway that traverses the Village in the vicinity of NYU, notably under Minetta Lane. In dedicating this inaugural issue to the students and faculty of WS&UC, the staff of MINETTA REVIEW hopes to continue the tradition of Perstare and the Washington Square Review by publishing quality work in all literary genres by students and new authors. Our thanks to Dean Mayerson, Eliana Cocavich, and John Delgrosso for their continued support, and to Professor Baudin for his advice and encouragement. Thanks also to Perry Brass, Dan E. Frueh, and John J. Soldo for participating at our open readings in December and February.

MINETTA REVIEW is presented under the auspices of New York University, Washington Square and University College of Arts and Science, Philip Mayerson, Dean. It is published annually during the Spring Semester by the Students of NYU.

Editorial Staff
Lenore Biller
Stephen Booth
Michael Corriss
Jill Happel
Beth Marks
Gerald Sacks
Loren Shumway

Faculty Advisors
Maurice Baudin, Jr.
M. L. Rosenthal

You may view how the 2012 summertime staff exhumed the Minetta corpus.


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