Spring 2014



What’s that faint lute-ing?

By clicking the glorious cover image above, you are led to the Spring 2014 Modern Minstrel edition of Minetta Review. You will find within it a variety show, jam-packed package with some words and art that will be soothing as they walk you to greener pastures, simultaneously as you find stories so powerful that we could barely bend the covers around their chiseled biceps and triceps.

This issue is dedicated to the sculptor of emotions himself, The Modern Minstrel, who puts his work on display in the spirit of sharing despite any vulnerability. Thank you to everyone who has involved themselves with us in any way: our contributors, readers, submitters, staff, editorial board, and enablers. Between our walls, may the Modern Minstrel always have a place to play her heart out.

Katherine Holotko
Claudia Sbuttoni
Spring 2014


This issue’s selections include:


Savuti Barbara Ryder-Levinson
Painted Leather Jacket Scott Brennan
In A Crooked Mirror: 1:38 am Feeding: A Birthday Poem David-Glen Smith
The Art of Chrysanthemums Robert Karaszi
Les cendres/Ashes Ivan de Monbrison
Jupiter descends in thunder and lightning, sitting upon an eagle. Joseph Mills
Talk Nerdy to Me Matthew Pawlak
Blessed Carrie L. Krucinski
House of Figs Kevin Kiely
If I Ended the Sun, And Thus the Earth, Am I > or = to God? Leah Silverman
Planting the Heart James Valvis
Fogo Island, Newfoundland Claire Farley
Ai, Ai Kristin Distel
El Sueno Kenneth Pobo
Nocturnal Garden with Buildings Kenneth Pobo
The Art of Deception Gabrielle Freeman
Huesca, 2013 Francesc M. Franch
Saint Brendan and the Whale David-Glen Smith
Book of Fire Kristin Distel
Salt Claire Farley
Up All Night Henry Hsiao
All Mothers Leah Silverman
The Organ Grinder Joan L. Cannon
Eye Tea Melissa Pheterson
Sundays Sophie Mindes
Bones and Rice Mariel Victoria Mok
Order In The World Marty Carlock
Lighthouse Ivy McCall
A Growing, A Longing, A Passing Spencer Sapienza
If You Get Far Enough Away, You’ll be on Your Way Back Home Laura E. Britton
The Florida Visit Nancy Davidoff Kelton
The Fall of a Hundred Things Néha Hirve
The Silk Scarf Kim Farleigh
just a passing bird Néha Hirve
untitled Néha Hirve
mecánicos Néha Hirve
Âllo Claude Néha Hirve
The Hand’s Card Leana King
Black Horse Leana King
untitled series Mariel Victoria Mok
Division of Chromosomes / Secret Visions Shared in Catacombs Ramon Gutierrez
Sacrifice Your Lesser Self Ramon Gutierrez
Ancient Mathematics Ramon Gutierrez
Anima / Animus Ramon Gutierrez
Leaving Station Jesse Wheaton
untitled Stefanie Chan
float Stefanie Chan
untitled Stefanie Chan
35mm film photographs of Greece and Italy Patricia Sullivan
Just Kids Nikki Tabibian
Taylor’s Constellation Jesse Wheaton
Invade Your Imagination Jesse Wheaton
Bathroom Documentary Lucy Beni
Heavy Wishes Kia Delgado
Echo Kia Delgado
One Thousand Suns Kia Delgado
London Bridge by Night Virginia Mastrostefano
Saint Pancras Piano Player Virginia Mastrostefano
Two Virginia Mastrostefano
Not the One Kati Blackshear
Waves Kati Blackshear
Cover Art
but as for me, for you, the irresistible sea is to separate us, 15×19 oil on board 2010 Jeff Felker
“i too saw the reflection of the summer sky in the water”, 20×24 oil on canvas 2010 Jeff Felker

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