Spring 2012

We are excited that you can now view the Spring 2012 Minetta through the Issuu service:

Hands-down, the piece that has roused the most discussion, drama, and derpfaces among this issue’s staff was “Walser’s Hat.” Even in post-semester logistical meetings, this submission by Peter Nash is never more than one knowing smile away from recall:


DAN Kessel is rolling a chair over to a computer station, and JOSH Borja opens the Minetta closet.

Walser’s on my wall.


Walser. He’s on my wall.

Oh. He’s on my fridge.

We’d also like to mention here that the NYU slam poets were so gracious as to have us launch the issue at their Brittany Hall homecoming performance. This semester’s editorial board has much respect for their artistry.


The Spring 2012 Editorial Board

Editor-in-Chief, Layout Manager: Emily H Ho
Managing Editor, Treasurer: Daniel Kessel
Director of Operations: Jessie Hsia

Publication Staff: Chloe Moffett, Joshua Borja, Cristina Fiore, Eliot Higbie, Jordan Mariuma

Club Advisor: Stephen Polniaszek
Printer: Offset Impressions, Inc.


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