Spring 2011

Click here for the selections of the Minetta Review’s Spring 2011 issue! Editor Katie Vokes introduces it like so:

For a while there were theme issues of The Minetta Review. The barr issue, listing places of liquid inspiration around the city; the occupation issue, focusing on a short-lived NYU uprising in the student center; the dinosaur issue, which was pretty much just filled with dinosaur drawings. Given the political circumstances of the past few months, perhaps we should have done a revolution issue, an activist issue, or had some other socially meaningful theme in mind. But this is my last issue, my last semester, my last time to read the piles of submissions in my email box, and I selfishly wanted something else, something more. I wanted to hear whatever voices felt meaningful, honest, undiluted, and sincere.

So we went with no guidelines, no rules, just whatever needed to be poured out in the world. And as expected, as hoped, some really lovely things came fluttering back at us. The spectrum of emotions came through, depicting everything we love and hate about this city, about our friends, about our neuroses and about ourselves. Someone told me once that writing didn’t need to have a point, and maybe that’s true to many people. But I thinking writing should do something and should mean something. It should change something, be it a perception, a mood, or maybe just the expression on your face. Maybe none of these pieces are related in an explicit way, but we print them in the hopes of changing something unexpected.

The Spring 2011 Editorial Board
Editor-in-Chief: Katie Vokes
Treasurer: Daniel Kessel
Submissions Editor: Emily Ho

This semester’s was an unprecedentedly small staff, and we applaud their hard work on putting the issue together. The remaining Emily and Dan bravely and strongly took up the torch the coming fall, and Emily made sure to leave the publication in a state of stable growth! Fantastic!


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