Spring 2010

Minetta’s Spring 2010 issue is very experimental, very eccentric, and so uniquely beautiful. That is, I admit it’s pretty hipster—THERE, I said it! You were thinking it, it cannot be denied. But you know that because a hipster would not self-identify herself, we can’t truly be hipster. Gotcha there. Then again, here’s a conversation from two springs after the issue was launched:

Josh Borja: Emily, when you say things like that—that’s why people call Minetta hipster.
Emily: People say we’re hipster?
Josh: . . .
Emily: . . .
Josh: . . .
Emily: . . .
Josh: yeah
Emily Ho: When do—
Josh: Just last week, someo—
Emily Ho: We’re not hipster, though.. not really, right?
Josh: . . .
Emily Ho:  . . .
Josh: . . .
Emily Ho: . . .
Josh: . . .

Anyway. A deviation in size occurred with this one, in an apparent revival of the Change Minetta’s Dimensions effort first taken up by Fall 1999. But unfortunately for these two editorial boards, again the change did not become precedent. But maybe one day.

The editor-in-chief Hillary Juster, moreover, included not an editor’s note but an editor’s footnote.1

Featured Works
“Times of the Golden Bus Stations” Erik Tenzler
“Gangsters Don’t Die They Get Chubby and Move to Miami” Nicholas J Etre
“Hermaphrodite” Nicholas J Etre
“Voyeur” Nicholas J Etre
“Goldfish” Brianne Golden
“A Silhouette” Stela Xhiku
“Picante Sauce” bexley minus fascists
“22 poems of vomiting” Hillary Juster
“Predictive Gutterlude” Jellybones
“Fidelity” Anna Bennet
“From the Journal of Pleasures” Avik Chanda
“trees” 215 499 3205
“The Carcass” Stela Xhiku
“Professor R.” raspberrygrl4726

Here is “The Carcass” by Stela Xhiku:

On Antignano mornings,
The sun forges contours of your eyes
When we are thirsty
The thin-lipped lady from upstairs
(Who I thought was your sister but found,
Was not)
Gives us watermelons.

When you tear them open like rib cages on the pavement,
The center comes spilling out
In waves of dark blood.

You prance like a happy Puck around your hoard.
I laugh and look away to the street
Finding that the afterimage of the carcass
Has stained my eyes
And follows me from the street to your shadow
And back to the too-red of the heart
(Your favorite part of the melon).


The Spring 2010 Editorial Board
Editor-in-Chief: Hillary Juster
Co-Chair: W.M. Akers
Submissions Editor: Katie Vokes
Treasurer: Sida Li
Copy Editor: Erin Mahon
Publication Staff: Anna Bennet and Chloe Moffett


The most meaning-weighty truth, that I may say about the theme of eating, is that I am the most happy on the shopping days. During the shopping I have the feeling of ecstasy. I look maybe like a new bride or a new-to-given child. Avocado! Carrots! Salad! All these possibilities greet me, as I go through the door. They are my best friends now in an unfamiliar land. Them I know very well. I smell them friendly and feel the hardness. I mind the colors. I like the smallest fruits and vegetables the best, because they are often the tastiest.

I ask this apple, “Are you good to eat?” and the potato “are you healthy? Were you happy?” I can savor the life of my food, moreover sympathize. For me, food is the most important, because I made of it.


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